Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello from Camp It'll Do

The name "Camp It'll Do" was the name of my Nanny's cottage located on Leesville Lake in Ohio. When I close my eyes...the memories come flooding back. The smell of antiques, coffee brewing in the early morning and Nanny's laugh. My eyes are welled with tears and my smile is enormous. A few tangibles you gave me years ago are decorating my quilt studio. They bring joy and thus creativity flows, for this I give thanks. I love and miss you Nanny.

Camp It'll Do is quite small , but my dreams and the fabric I love fill the spot as if it were endless. I share my studio with Birdie my schnorkie and Miles the cat. They listen to my ideas with great interest and I'm sure they love Cottage Style as much as I do. Well OK, maybe they just humor me!!! I have the treats...

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  1. Sweet memoir post of Camp It'll Do! Thanks for visiting me and signing as a pleased to meet you! I love that you have Birdie and Miles who listen with great interest to your shelties do the same! Have a great day!